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Heart Group of the PKS Create Counter Organization ??

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: 
Former Vice President Syamsul Balda Justice Party revealing half the party founders resign and form a rival organization. "My initial founding members, about half and some are setting up a rival organization called FKP," said Syamsul without explaining abbreviations FKP when contacted reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday (23 / 3).

Syamsul told, he was out of the MCC because it was not at home anymore. He was now no longer willing to engage in practical politics.

"I came out a month before the term of office expires at the House of Representatives," said a former member of this Parliament.

In response, the Secretary General of the PKS Anis Matta confirmed there are few cadres who fired for serious violations. However, issued less than half.

"The founder of MCC are many who was fired for serious violations. But not by half,"he explained.

According to Anis, founder of the Justice Party - before the birth name to MCC - there are many, but as the full establishment of the party who signed just 51. He explained that among those who fired only amounted to 12 people.

"Most are fired up to its president Mr. Luthfy about 12 people was also due to violations," he said.

Anis continued, PKS itself is not worried by rival organizations which formed the line hurt. "We also know what kind of power," he concluded. (Andhini)

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