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Prince Of Persia

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Prince of Persia is a computer game developed by Jordan Mechner of software companies Brøderbund in 1989. Animation techniques used in this game makes the characters seem to move smoothly while running, walking, jumping, or playing a sword. Animation techniques such, has not been widely used in other computer games at that time.

This game requires the dramatic rise of a story and main characters (the Prince, Prince, a character that can be moved by players in this game) for the adventure in resolving the problem. After the first generation which was published in 1989, then followed by several subsequent series with the same main character.
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Prince of Persia part1
Prince of Persia part2
Prince of Persia part3

Note: For Prince of Persia for the Text should be one folder for text can serve Congratulations to watch but do not forget with your jobs  :D

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